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1. By sending a request to become a member or by joining member of NYS Group I acknowledge and agree to the following group rules, group policy and disclaimer. I also agree that the Admin team has the right to restrict admission, remove, or ban anyone from the group without any notification. 2. This is a broadcast group which means You will get updates about Nava Yogendra Swami. I agree to NOT to post any unrelated message. 3. I will not involve in any inappropriate activities within the group, including but not limited to forwarding any inappropriate posts, sharing inappropriate posts, posting promotions of any kinds, personal attacks, personal insulting messages, bullying of any member, sending unsolicited personal messages to any group member. 4. As a member of this group, I accept the leadership of Admins in managing and moderating the group activities, and I will not modify or change name and icon of any of the groups. 5. Group Admin and Managers are not responsible in any way, for any inappropriate posts or any violation by any posting made by any group member.